Monday, September 16, 2019

September 16, 2019

Website performance and security 2019

Website performance and security 2019


Website performance and security are the two main important factors for your website. Many business holders and large scale organizations are facing security issues on their site such as D Dos attacks day by days. Its important to consider the security of your website. There are a lot of free tools and exploits that a victim or person can attack on your website, if its not secured. Fortunately, there are free methods or organizations that offers free security and performance for your website.

Another important factor is the performance of your website. If your website is slow and contains a lot of Full HD non optimized images, your website will become slow. This will not only increase bounce back rate but Also impact on SEO, and users experience on your website. There are a lot of easy to use strategies and methods to optimize your website by removing un-necessary images and responsive themes and plugins.

How to check website or page speed:

There are many websites or free tools available online to check your website speed both on desktop and mobile. But the best way is to use google page speed insights as its free to use and contains best method to test page or site speed.

How can i increase my website performance:

Before starting this step, you must analyze your current page speed or site speed using google page insight. After you've scanned your website using google page insight, google will give you a score for both Desktop and Mobile version of your site or page. If the number is in between 0-49, you're site is in serious slow speed and needs to be optimized immediately to avoid losing your visitors and SEO. If the score is in between 50-89, your website is in normal speed and requires a little bit of optimization for images. If the score is 90-100, your website speed is excellent and requires no website performance optimization. 

Once you've analyzed your website performance, its time to optimize it as much as possible.

Change your theme:

Many of WordPress themes may affect your website performance. Its a good practice to change your theme and re scan your website. We'll recommend you the following themes.

Newspaper lite:

  • Free to use

  • Optimized

  • Efficient U.I.

  • Good User Experience

  • Basic SEO

News paper:

  • Paid theme

  • SEO Optimized

  • Excellent U.I.

  • Best for news sites

  • Best for ad-sense

Power Magazine:

  • Free to use

  • Average SEO Optimized

  • Good U.I.

  • Best for news sites

Ocean WP:

  • Free to use

  • SEO Optimized

  • Normal U.I.

  • Best for ad-sense

Images Optimization:

If you've used high quality J.P.G. images on your website, your site may experience slow loading on images and page. Following the guide lines for image optimization for website performance.

  • Always use P.N.G. or Bitmap images

  • Use 1-2 maximum images per page

  • Use the Smush WordPress plugin for images optimization

Using 3rd party plugins or addons:

Another easy to use approach is to install third party plugin for Website speed optimization. We'll recommend you to use the following plugins for on page SEO and Website speed Optimization. Don't use more than 2 plugins for website optimization at a same time.

  • Use Yoast SEO not only for SEO, but Website speed and index

  • Rocket loader

Use Cloud Flare for performance and security:

Cloudflare is all in one, free to use and most commonly used website performance and security company of all time. Cloud flare offers D.N.S. and IP protection to prevent direct DOS or D Dos hits to your server. Your server's IP is secured and all the traffic passes through Cloud flare's proxy server. Its optional to use Proxy with cloud flare.

Cloud flare offers free as well as pro website plans with more filter rules and image compression options for advanced users. Millions of websites uses cloud flare including news and TV channel websites for their security.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

September 15, 2019

How to start a business 2019

How to start a business 2019

What is business:

Business is a set of individuals working on a same task or job to achieve mutual goals. People invest on their assets to attain a high gain profit in return. Business may result in high profit or high loss. Where as in jobs, there is no risk of financial loss. Business requires assets, investment and a lot of hard work in starting to convert them into profit.

Why Business:

Many people take business as their career as they've a lot of money to invest. But the major reason why people want business is, business requires no qualifications, CV, applications and requirements for job as you're the owner or CEO of your company.

Types of businesses:

There are two main types of business on the market. 1st one is Physical or Assets based business. This type of business requires physical location, building or assets and a lot of investment. 2nd one is virtual business or virtual company. This type of business requires a small just under 100$ or even no investment for starting the company.

Business in 21'st century:

As the time has passed, people and their work has been shifted online or virtual. People want to work for their jobs, shop online, and even learn online. Hence, the businesses have been shifted as well. Many online stores, taxi service, meat home delivery, online jobs, online earning and online work are offering these jobs, so you don't have to go outside and find out what you need.

How to start an online business:

Starting an online business is not a rocket science now a days. You just need a website, a domain or so. For that, you can work from your home to control your business.

Step #1: Register a domain:

The first step to start a business is to establish the identity of your business online. For this, you need to register a good domain name. We'll recommend you to register .com domain name for greater value of your business.

Step #2: Get web hosting:

Second most important step for starting your business by publishing your website online is to get a web hosting plan that suits your needs. You can buy web hosting from Servnet, Godaddy or Name Cheap. We recommend you to order a dedicated web hosting plan and avoid shared plans for faster website and best hosting for high traffic.

Step #3: Make a website:

After you've done with registering your domain and purchasing web hosting plan, its time to start making your website. You can write pages and publish your products on your website.

Step #4: Decide which products to sell:

This is the most important step for your business and career. You have to decide which product you're going to launch or sale online. It depends on your customers and market needs. Think of a plan and clients to target depends on their interest and area of activity. Once you've a proper plan and most demanding product, you can publish them online with your business portfolio.

Step #5: Promote your business:

You can either promote your business or website by SEO or advertisement on Social media. You can create a social media page on Facebook and advertise your business and products on it. Hence, this way you can attract your customers and increase your sales and revenue. Facebook and Google usually charge between 2$-10$ for basic promotion of your post and products.

Step #6: Manage your employees:

Once your business starts to grow, you can hire some employees to automate your tasks and manage sales and support departments for your business. We recommend you to hire 3-5 employees in the beginning if your sales are less than 1500$ per month.

Why business fails:

Lack of planning:

One of the biggest mistake that business owners do is spending less time on business planning. They just want their business to be online quicker. Hence, their business may fail for this reason.

Ignoring customer's needs:

One of the reason for business failure is to neglect the customer's needs and just selling whatever you like. Customers always want their problems to be solved by your business. Always focus on your customer's needs for resolving this failure.

Leadership fails:

If you're not capable of controlling and managing a business, your business may fails due to poor leadership and mis-management. Remember, always a great leader can take a business to success or failure.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

September 11, 2019

How to get free domain 2019

How to get free domain 2019

What is domain:

Domain name is the identity of your business, blog or information on the internet. Domain name must be connected to a web hosting to enjoy full feature from it. The shorter the domain, the more value and user's experience will be. .com .net and .org are the more commonly used TLDs for the domain.

How to get a free domain:

If you want to use a domain for free, you can create as many domains as you want using Freenom
This requires some personal information, Google or Facebook signup. Freenom offers free website builder with you free domain. Once the expiry date is nearby, you can cancel the domain and register it again to continue using the domain for free. Free domain can also be linked with free web hosting such as 000webhost

Pros of free domain:

There are a lot of features of free domains. Some of them are discussed below:
- Free domains can be registered multiple times per customers. There will be no limitations on using free domain.
- Free domains required no credit card or bank information for registration. Hence the user's privacy is more secured.
- No more renewals for a free domain name. Simply delete the free domain before it expires and register it again to enjoy another free year for the domain.
- Many bloggers and SEO experts uses free domains for making private PBN networks as you can create as many free domains as you want.

Cons of free domain:

Unfortunately, there are some limitations or cons of using free domains for your website. Some of them are discussed below:

- Business identity is poor with free domain name. As .com domain or .org domain are most commonly used, people prefer visiting higher authority domain's website.
- Free domains are often blocked on social media and other content sharing websites, As free domains are used for spamming.

- Bad impact on SEO with free domains. As a lot of spamming are done with free domains, it is usually less chances to rank your website on top with free domain name.


If you're a student or a developer and want to test a website or want to use it personally, I'll recommend you to use free domain. As newbies and students don't want to pay for domains or web hosting. But if you want to use domain commercially, you should go for paid domain name. such as .com, .net or .org. This is because business websites, Google adsense based websites and SEO Optimized websites works best with the paid domains.

Thanks for reading our article and taking benefit of free domain. Visit back to our website for more updates.

Monday, August 26, 2019

August 26, 2019

Zong 5G Trial In Pakistan 2019

Zong 5G Trial In Pakistan

Zong 5G Trial In Pakistan 2019

Zong 5G Trial:

Zong is the first one to launch and test 5G in Pakistan. According to Zong, official 5G seminar is going to held soon in which users can test the 5G network before it’s allotted by PTA. Zong 5G test measures to be approximately 1.1 Gbps download on wireless mobile internet. Zong is still working on this trial and their availability in different cities of Pakistan.


When Will 5G Launch:

As 5G has already launched in top countries but has not been fully deployed yet. In Pakistan and India, 5G enabled networks is currently in testing and trial phase and will be announced soon by the early of 2020. A 5G seminar has been confirmed by Zong sooner where People around the Pakistan can test 5G network on smart 5G enabled devices by Zong. However 5G smart phones may not be available sooner in Pakistan and India.

5G Supported Mobiles:

As 5G has launched in United States and UK, top smart phone companies already has launched 5G supported mobile phones. According to calculations, 5G phones will be 3 to 5 times more expensive than a 4G supported phone. One of the reasons is its new technology 2019 in the market. And 5G is yet not completed deployed in the cities of US & UK.

·         Samsung Galaxy S10 5G:

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G has been launched as a fastest mobile network in Tandom. Samsung Company was on the list to introduce 5G phones at first. However this model might be out of stock soon as its newer smart phone with the latest technology 2019. Samsung galaxy S10 5G is currently available in USA, UK and Australia with a price of 1299$, 1099£ and 1850 AU$ respectively. Other features of this smart phone include 8 GB RAM, Octa-Core Processor and 256 GB Storage.

·         One Plus 7 Pro 5G:

One Plus has launched 5G enabled mobile phone model as one plus 7 Pro 5G. This model is known for fastest 5G network as well as high specification and featured enabled mobile phone. One plus 7 Pro 5G has latest android 9.0, 6-12 GB RAM, 48 MP rear cameras with 4000 mAH battery. One plus 7 Pro 5G is also available on the market such as Amazon but will be unavailable soon as highly demanded by the customers.

·         Huawei Mate X:

Huawei is on second or third place to introduce smart phone mobile phones. Huawei Mate X is the first 5G enabled model by Huawei with heavy duty specifications. Huawei Mate X has 8 GB RAM, 512 GB Storage and 40 MP cameras with foldable edges. Huawei Mate X introduces different resolution big screens on Huawei Mate X model. But this model is the one of the expensive model with price of 2299£. Huawei Mate X might be easily available on the market and online shop such as Amazon due to high price.

·         Oppo Reno 5G:

Oppo Reno is competing other smart phone companies on price with high specifications and 5G enabled. This model included 8 GB RAM, 256 GB Storage with 48 MP back camera as well as 16 MP front camera. Oppo Reno 5G introduces higher screen resolution than Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and Huawei Mate X. Oppo Reno 5G price is around 799£.

·         Xiaomi MI Max 3 5G:

Xiaomi is the first Chinese company to introduce 5G enabled smart phone. Xiaomi MI Max 3 5G is a successor of Xiaomi MI Max 3 as additional 5G feature with a comfortable price. Xiaomi MI Max 3 5G has 6-10 GB RAM, 64-128 GB Storage, 12 MP back camera and 12 MP front facing camera with a decent price of 500£.

·         Moto Z3:

Motorola has also launched their first 5G enabled smart phones with 4-6 GB RAM, 64-128 GB storage, 12 MP back camera and 12 MP front camera. Motorola is competing other smart phones companies with their low price of 230$.

Monday, August 19, 2019

August 19, 2019

How to increase traffic 2019

How to increase traffic 2019

How to increase traffic on your website - Got

Why We need traffic?:

Traffic or visitors on your website is a primary goal of why you publish your content and earn money from it. The more you have visitors on your website, the more earning and popularity of your website will be. The unique audience is very beneficial for the owner of website of increase their revenue out of it. Owners spend a lot of time on increasing their traffic by hiring traffic services from a company or using SEO optimization.

Which Country's Traffic is highly paying?:

United States (US), United Kingdom (US) and UAE are the top most highly paying traffic sources as the advertisers of these companies pays more to Google or or any other advertiser to promote their content. So the CPC for the website where ads will be placed is high. Hence, traffic from these sources are always beneficial for advertising company, advertiser and owner of the website as well.

How to target for specific country traffic:

To increase your revenue or CPC, most website owners targets specific countries for traffic and building more audience. This is because these specific Countries advertiser's pays more than the neglected ones.

To target a specific country for example, united states or united kingdom, you need to do a proper research on the niche and keywords that are using in US and UK then write more and more content and articles on it. In this way, you can gain more audience that are searching for the keyword or tag that you've used in to do SEO.

Top traffic selling companies:

1. Google

Google is highly paying and top 1 source for indexing your website and advertising on first page using Google Ads. But they're not free and requires some investment and google policies to follow. It benefits advertiser and website owner to increase traffic on your website.

2. AlexaMaster:

Alexa Master is a quick and easy way to increase traffic and ranking of your website without having to pay even a cent for it. All you need to do is to visit other's website and earn coins from it. These coins can now be used to increase traffic on your website. Here you can see the Organic and real traffic and their source. Alexa provides real traffic from Chinese Search Engines as well.

3. You Like Hits:

You like hits works in a same way as AlexaMaster in which you have to earn points by visiting other's website and viewing their videos. You Like Hits have anti spam using Google Captcha to validate the visitor and to block spam.

SEO To increase Traffic:

Another useful and most common way to increase traffic on your website is to do proper keyword research and write SEO friendly article and increase number of high quality back links for your website. Fortunately, this is a lot easier to do using word-press plugins now a days. You should use Word press as a field and install Yoast Plugin that checks your content and gives SEO score and helps a lot in doing On page SEO. The more high quality and long article you write with long tail keyword, the more your website will be ranked on google. Hence it results in high traffic on your website.

Fore more details on SEO and increasing traffic on your website, feel free to visit the home page of our website.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

August 13, 2019

Earn money online without investment


Earning money online becomes a trend in 2019. But unfortunately many it becomes quick tough job to differentiate between real and fraud companies because most of the people starts working on new sites without getting the knowledge whether its scam or not. Many fraud companies are there who scams $10000 everyday.

Trusted & High Paying Companies:

Luckily, top and most trusted websites are still there including Facebook, Google Adsense, YouTube and Free lancing websites. These are the most trusted websites on the internet as they're paying for years. There is no investment needed to start working with these websites.

Why People Are Scammed Everyday:

People are spending more time on google to search for easy way to earn money online on cheap and fraud website. These companies targets people who wants quick and easy money. Some one these companies introduces work without investment to gain more attention of the audience. As a result, people starts working with them immediately and at the end of the month their account may got suspended or it hangs to human verification and hence these companies scams their users.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

August 03, 2019

Bitminter free bitcoin 2019 for PC

Bitminter free bitcoin 2019 for PC

Bitminter free bitcoin 2019 for pc


Bit-miner is a free bitcoin mining pool since 2011. One of the reliable and easy to use mining service. Bit-miner has easy to use GUI interface There is also a text console that explains which devices are connected to the interface.

This miner calculates has rates in MH/s.  Bit miner is a legit and free miner for your PC available for free


  • Supports CPU mining
  • Supports GPU mining
  • Pre installed pool setting
  • Works with mining pool
  • User friendly Interface (GUI)


To download this free miner and getting starting with it, you need to register or their website and download free software from here

Thanks for downloading our free software. For more software and free games, visit our website

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

July 24, 2019

software reporter tool 2019

software reporter tool 2019

Disable software reporter tool in google chrome:

Software reporter tool is a freeware tool developed by Google inc, to monitor and block Google Chrome addons and other software. Some addons might be infected or cause performance and security issues for the users. Such as stealing users' data or running mining software back-end etc.

Some users reported that Software reporter tool is wasting so much memory and they wishes to disable it.

Disable Software reporter tool (Steps):

Step 1:

Software reporter tool at google is located at this location: 
C:\ Users \ USERNAME \ AppData\ Loca l\ Google \ Chrome \ User Data \ SwReporter \ Google Chrome Version \ software_reporter_tool.exe.

If you didn't see this location of file, go to Folder options and enable show hidden files and folders and check again.

Step 2:

After you find this file, Right click on software_reporter_tool.exe and go to properties, under Security tab, click Advanced button.

Step 3:

Now click, disable inheritance option and select the option ' remove all inheritance permissions ' as shown below'

If this didn't resolve this issue, try enabling and disabling it again and select 'Convert inherited permissions to explicit permissions'

Hopefully, this will resolve your issue, feel free to ask for help in the comment section.